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24th Annual LCBD Day is October 13

Sports in the Little Cities: The Great Uniter, Divider & Equalizer

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The 24th Annual Little Cities of Black Diamonds Day is set for Saturday, October 13, 2018 in Shawnee.  This year’s event merges with the popular Shawnee Second Saturday series that is in its second year in the village.  The 2018 theme is Sports in the Little Cities: The Great Uniter, Divider & Equalizer celebrating the role of sports in the mining towns of the Hocking Valley past and present where the competition and camaraderie that developed between the mining communities were important as a means for communication between the people, often bringing people of varying backgrounds and languages together. The event will run from Noon-8PM on Historic Main Street with an 11AM dedication and guided hike of a new loop trail around Tecumseh Lake at the Buckeye Trail trailhead in the Wayne Forest on the outskirts of town.

The day’s activities (click here for full agenda & times)i will include panel discussions on sports history, exhibits, foot races reminiscent of an earlier era, a parade of athletes and their supporters, live music, food trucks, a quilt show and other vendors. Among distinguished visitors will be former All-American basketball star Jerry Jackson who led his Ohio University team to the Elite 8 in the NCAA Tournament in 1964, and Golden Glove boxer Sam Jones. Among stories of significance to be shared in panel discussions are of local miners who played in the early days of major league baseball and residents who participated in high school sports over the years.

Also on tap is the award of a “Buckeye Trail Town” designation to the Village of Shawnee and a Forest Listening Room hike into the Wayne Forest with artist and documentarian Brian Harnetty.

LCBD Day annually celebrates the rich history, culture and natural environment of the Hocking Valley Coal Fields located at the corners of southeastern Ohio’s Athens, Hocking, Morgan and Perry Counties.  It is free and open to the public.  Shawnee is located in the Wayne National Forest at the intersections of State Routes 93 & 155 in southern Perry County.

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Get Involved in LCBD Day 

Artifacts, Athletes on Parade, Assistants
& Foot Racers Needed!  

Foot Race Poster ShawneeMaking LCBD Day a success takes participation! Persons with sports artifacts related to the theme are encouraged to contact the event organizer, the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council at 740-277-5030 or via e-mail at  We can scan pictures, or would love digital images.  Three dimensional artifact displays are ideal as well.

Athletes and sports teams from an earlier era are invited to participate in a “Parade of Athletes & Their Supporters” down Main Street at 3PM.  Units will be organized by current day school districts. Line up will begin at 2:45PM in the gazebo on West Main Street.   Participants of all ages are invited to join in, including fans, cheerleaders, band members, etc.  Participants are asked to wear the colors, uniforms, jerseys or cheer outfits of their favorite local team from past or present.  School teams as well as community teams are welcome.   The parade will be led by two sports heroes of the era, Jerry Jackson, 1964 All American Basketball Player from Corning High School and Golden Glove Boxer Sam Jones of Glouster.  The parade will be short, beginning on West Main Street and ending on East Main Street in front of the Masonic Lodge.  Any groups or teams who would like to be recognized with a sign for their unit should register their team or unit by calling the Little Cities office at 740-277-5030 in advance.

Runners wishing to participate in short distance foot races are also being solicited.  These races were popular in the coal mining towns of the late 1800’s.  There will be races for high school age runners and adult runners with medals awarded.  Contact the Little Cities office if you are interested in running.  These races will begin at approximately 2:30.  Contact 740-277-5030 to participate.

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