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LCBD Opera House Tour

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The smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd live on in the historic opera houses of southeastern Ohio!  Curtain Up to Encore: The Revival of Yesteryear’s Opera Houses is a tw0-day guided tour that will feature the culture of Opera Houses in southeastern Ohio.

History and entertainment come together in this fascinating behind the scenes look at the beautiful and historic opera houses of of Nelsonville (Stuart’s Opera House), Shawnee (Tecumseh Theater) and McConnelsville (Twin City Opera House) that are nestled among the hills and winding roads of Southeast Ohio.  Read more….


LCBD-LaborsCrossroadsTourPostcardReserve Ticket(s) Now for Labor Crossroads Tour-Click Here!

In 1869, an Intersection of destinies in the historic coalfields of southeastern Ohio transformed  the face of organized labor and the lives of working men and women to this very day.
Travel the path of early labor pioneers from the canal and railroad eras with National Association of Interpretation Certified Guides Cheryl Blosser and Jeff Wunderly. Follow the story of immigrant laborers who are ready for change.  They settled the coal camps and fought for power over their own lives. Read More….

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